With dozens of certified welding procedures and operator qualifications, we strive to bring to every customer engagement the most innovative and effective processes, positioners, equipment, and procedures to ensure the highest quality result.

Material and ranges

  • We fabricate a full array of alloys and metals from mild carbon steel, to Chrome-Moly steel, 300 Series Stainless Steels, LDX-2101, AL6XN, Hastelloy, Inconel, and aluminum.
  • The materials qualified range from 1/16" to 8" thick.

Welding processes used

  • Submerged Arc
  • Fluxcore
  • MIG including short arc
  • Surface tension transfer (STT)
  • Spray, globular, pulse transfer, and TIG.

Quality assured at every level

  • Our welders are ASME Section IX and AWS D1.1 certified.
  • Our welding procedures are developed in house and constantly monitored by our Quality Control Department.
  • Certified inspectors ensure strict compliance to ASME, AWS, API, AWWA, AAR, NACE, and other required codes.
  • Stringent testing includes: radiography (RT), ultrasonic (UT), liquid penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT), visual (VT), and positive material identification (PMI).
  • Non-destructive testing is done in accordance with ASME Section V, and ANST SNT-TC-1A by our certified Level II technicians and closely monitored for compliance internally and by our contracted Level III examiner.